Odyssey of Life: Why I'd Choose Insomnia over a Million US Dollars

So firstly if you're here for the first time, good luck! Yes? Yes. You're going to need it by the way. Happy new year, this is the only time once a year you actually have people show up for voluntary meetings and people actually do the stuff they say they are going to do, resolutions and all, great time of the year really! I know I'm a whole month late but better late than never. Today I've decided to type like I'd talk (hope that makes sense). I am tired but I feel a new post is long overdue, so I'll be scripting this as I would say it, it's easier.

Now I know it feels a bit 'oxy-moronish' to say I am tired and go ahead and say I would rather be a an insomniac than a millionaire. Well in all honesty, this is my blog, recommended to help reduce the amount of 'quality talk-time' I tend to have with myself, so you are just going to have to deal with it really. But trust me, today's post changed my outlook on life, and time, substantially in a positive way and might just do the same for you (hopefully).

I recently watched Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. One word: MINDGASM!! Like...yoh! For those that do not know what a mindgasm is, it's basically when you mind goes through an experience that makes you feel smarter than you actually are lol (something like that). I've always been obsessed with tapping into my brain's capacity and to be given a glimpse (even though I am fully aware it was fiction), made watching that movie an 'absolute absolute'. For those that haven't watched the movie...as the that teacher back in primary who was only there for the salary would say, "I'm not going to delay other children because your son is 'not serious'." But in a summarised version of the summary *spoilers alert*, it's about a lady called Lucy who gets 'infected' by a new synthetic drug called CPH4. CPH4 according to the movie is a hormone that is released to help the fetus, during pregnancy, grow (all fiction by the way, says Google). And she goes on to unlock 100% of her cerebral capacity (fancy for brain usage). And what happens during the process of reaching that point is just amazing! But at the end when she's about to reach the 100% she said and I quote 

"We've codified our [human] existence to bring it down to human size to make it comprehensible. We've created a scale [numbers, letters and facts] so that we can forget its unfathomable scale...Time gives legitimacy to its [car that she sped up on a screen used to represent human existence] existence. Time is the only true unit of measure."

Allow me to extrapolate. Now I sat there after hearing that and thought about it. I asked myself, what is the unit of measure of life? For mass we have grams, for length we have meters etc., but what measures our lives? In today's language, is it how much money we have when we die? In the times of our African parents, how many cows I got for my daughter, how successful my kids are, how many degrees I have? What do we use to measure our existence as human beings and what should we use? I pondered on what dear miss Lucy 'Crazings' said about time and it started to make sense. The only constant in life is time. It's the only thing in life you can't change. Whether you like it or not, whether you're tall or short, pretty or facially challenged, even rich or poor, you only have a 24 hour day. Even if you worked hard your whole life, let me save you the trouble in case you were planning on trying, the probability of increasing the number of hours you have in a day by any amount is 0. In Kinyarwanda we say "wihangane." 

So basically the measure of our existence is our time, and not just our time but our effective use of it. And that is why I say I would prefer no sleep over more money. 

I'll use numbers to stress my point so you see (if you're mathematically challenged...knowingly and unknowingly, my apologies lol). We all have 24 hours right? We sleep an average of 8 hours a day, spend 5 hours eating and 'answering nature when she calls'. That means we have 11 hours in our day to apply ourselves, educate ourselves and build relationships (or shatter them depending on your personal preference). For those lost, 8 + 5 = 13 hours spent sleeping and using the toilet. So 24 - 13 = 11 hours to do everything else (welcome back lol). Now let's say I manage to cut down my sleeping time to 6 hours, that's an extra 2 hour, then I reduce my eating time by 30 minutes. So I have an extra 2 and a half hours than the next man (let's call him NextMan for this post) yes? Doesn't seem like much huh? Well one thing being in business taught me is that accumulation is a powerful tool. 

Let me show you what I mean:

2.5 hours per day, that means in 10 days I would have 'lived' 25 more hours than NextMan, which just happens to be 1 hour more than a full day! And that means in a month, I've 'lived' 3 more days than NextMan and in a year a whole month more than NextMan. After 12 years, I've 'lived' a whole year more than NextMan.

I'm sure you're seated there like, "yeah sure a whole year, so what?" Let's try something, think back with me to 30th of January 2014 (last year). Then start trying to go through your year month by month. See what can happen in a whole 'year'? Now I just showed you you were awake for two-thirds of that year so that means everything that happened was only for 9 months worth of time. Now imagine what an extra year means. If you live until you're 84, that means 6 extra years over NextMan. In business a lot can happen in that time, Uber was founded in 2009, that was only 6 years ago and is now worth US$40+billion. In general life, 6 years is the time it took you to go from senior high to become a graduate (again if it took you longer I can't speak for you, just know God has a plan for your life lol).

So for me I'd rather prefer to only be able to sleep for a few hours than to actually be given money, because time isn't money, it's MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY.


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