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Odyssey of Life: Why I'd Choose Insomnia over a Million US Dollars

So firstly if you're here for the first time, good luck! Yes? Yes. You're going to need it by the way. Happy new year, this is the only time once a year you actually have people show up for voluntary meetings and people actually do the stuff they say they are going to do, resolutions and all, great time of the year really! I know I'm a whole month late but better late than never. Today I've decided to type like I'd talk (hope that makes sense). I am tired but I feel a new post is long overdue, so I'll be scripting this as I would say it, it's easier.

Now I know it feels a bit 'oxy-moronish' to say I am tired and go ahead and say I would rather be a an insomniac than a millionaire. Well in all honesty, this is my blog, recommended to help reduce the amount of 'quality talk-time' I tend to have with myself, so you are just going to have to deal with it really. But trust me, today's post changed my outlook on life, and time, substantially in…