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Passive Investing: What You Don't Know, What You Need to Know and What You Thought You Knew But Don't.

In the few years I've been an entrepreneur I've been each of the three at some point: 

1. Recipient of a passive investment 
2. Channel for a passive investment 
3. Passive investor 

And interestingly enough, currently, all three. 

Having had a chance to be all three I've seen a knowledge-vacuum that exists when it comes to 'beginner passive investing and investors'. The largest driver of this shortfall has to be misconceptions of what passive investing truly is, and it is in this blog post that I wish to address these misconceptions by giving guiding principles that can turn any beginner into a professional. 

These principles are scalable and my own. They've worked for me and hope they can work for you. 

1. Objectives matter. If you really want to understand the value of investing study WHY people invest...and "to make money" isn't sufficient enough. By 'why', I'm referring to the reason that person chose that particular investment option. S…

Odyssey of Life: You're a Leader? This is Why Your Love Life Matters

Before anything else, the title focuses on an entrepreneurial perspective which I'll give at the end. But this post is for anyone in a relationship with another human being; be it in the capacity of a boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, parent or child, mentor or mentee, employer or employee, or even as a friend. Ever wondered what is going on in someone else's head? Through this post try my best to give you a solution.

Secondly this is an unofficial book review of one of the greatest books on human relations I've read in my very short life: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. The book is written on a character trait that I believe is just as essential to relationships as love is; EMPATHY. In this post I'm going to be talking about the power of empathy, why it is as important as love, why you cannot expect to have meaningful relationships without empathy and why as an entrepreneur empathy is as crucial as being able to read and understand financial statements when it …

Odyssey of Life: Why I'd Choose Insomnia over a Million US Dollars

So firstly if you're here for the first time, good luck! Yes? Yes. You're going to need it by the way. Happy new year, this is the only time once a year you actually have people show up for voluntary meetings and people actually do the stuff they say they are going to do, resolutions and all, great time of the year really! I know I'm a whole month late but better late than never. Today I've decided to type like I'd talk (hope that makes sense). I am tired but I feel a new post is long overdue, so I'll be scripting this as I would say it, it's easier.

Now I know it feels a bit 'oxy-moronish' to say I am tired and go ahead and say I would rather be a an insomniac than a millionaire. Well in all honesty, this is my blog, recommended to help reduce the amount of 'quality talk-time' I tend to have with myself, so you are just going to have to deal with it really. But trust me, today's post changed my outlook on life, and time, substantially in…