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Who Am I - Mistaken Identity

This post is long overdue and as my first post of 2014, I've decided to get a bit personal. We can thank a late night Skype call meeting, my addiction to work and my natural 'giddyup-ness' for this post.

Who am I? A question only one person has the true capacity to answer and one question, whose answer defines our very existence. I'm not a poet and as you can see from my informal and rather shabby sentence structure I'm not a writer but I will try to channel these non-existent personas for this 'piece' (see what I did Oh well).

WHO AM I Ask not what was and is,  but what can become; What defines does not redeem, And what redeems is non-existent to some;
For we search craveses and creses for purpose, Purpose undefined; Defined is our 'purpose' but our understanding: unrefined.
- Ephraim Rwamwenge

This particular post is about defining standards; as individuals living in society and as companies operating within a global environment. And just a btbud…