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Relationships and Business: The Bitter-Sweet Love Affair (A Founder's Issue)

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Okay firstly I am going to admit, this is me partly venting my frustrations with my love life (or lack thereof). 

Secondly, my lack of a definable love life has taught me a valuable lesson about emotional intelligence (EQ) and how mastering it is key to winning in every aspect of life, especially business.

Now in relation to the venting, I'm pretty young so it's understandable why I'm single but the lack of a companion especially when I live in an environment where the pros of relationships are glorified as the "ultimate experience" can be a challenge. But in all honesty I'm not completely single, as I tell everyone who dares to ask, I'm in the VIP section of the friendzone. For those that don't know what that is, it's the friendzone but with HOPE (I know right), and by hope I mean she has shown an interest in taking things beyond the friendship, so it's not all that bad. But now the biggest issue as a collective (her and I)…