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Conservatism: Friend or Foe?

Good tidings from this African brother. I have been really busy of late but saw it fit to share my insight on something and try spark feedback from you guys. I want to know your views on the arguments surrounding the conservative approach to life that seems to be heightened in this age considering the rapid change in culture due to the increased cultural interactions brought about by globalisation and increased and improved intercontinental communication. 
This passed week, I witnessed the conservative approach to life first hand. Mid last year, I pulled out of formal college to pursue my love of business on one condition from my parents: that I continue through an online study program CIMA has. That was perfectly fine with me, reason being is I know the importance of knowledge and the role it plays on one's level of maturity and open-mindedness. Now to most people the idea of self reliance is not very familiar, most people live their lives depending on a system; either policies se…