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Beginner's Luck (The True African Story)

Happy New Year dear reader, the year that was 2012 has passed. So much has happened this passed year both in my personal life and on a global and CONTINENTAL stage. The reason I put the word "continental" in CAPS is cause today I'm going to be talking about a popular trend that was amongst writers in the year that just passed; Africa.
We all know the statistics relating to Africa; the demographic, the number of countries (although 85% don't know the exact figure) and tit bits in relation to its history (mainly cause of the selectiveness of historian writers). But do we really know Africa, who she is, what she does, what she plans on doing, the potential that lies in her bosom of undeveloped land and under-utilised resources? I'm not that much of a historian, but as a Young Entrepreneur who plans on expanding across Africa, I saw it fit to study her history in order to know her future. Africa's been coined the 'undiscovered gem' in the business word and…